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Buy This Ridiculously Expensive PS4 Controller?

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Buy This Ridiculously Expensive PS4 Controller?
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Buy This Ridiculously Expensive PS4 Controller?

OK Buy This Ridiculously Expensive PS4 Controller?

Gamers have had some strong chances to spend a colossal measure of cash on stock as of late. Only one precedent is the Devil May Cry 5 gatherer’s release which incorporates an entertainment of Dante’s outfit, esteemed at nearly $8,000. In any case, in the event that individuals still have cash begging to be spent, this new top of the line bit of merchandise may work.

Today, Brikk, a retailer that moves extravagance electronic things has declared its most recent item: the Lux DualShock 4 controller for PS4. The Brikk rendition of the PS4 controller is accessible in two forms: exemplary and luxurious. The exemplary form is gold-plated and includes a strong 18K gold, precious stone encrusted (F/G shading and clearness, 0.25 Carats) PlayStation catch while whatever remains of the catches are the standard adaptation from a typical controller. In the interim, the grand rendition highlights nine strong 18K gold catches (the PlayStation catch, the images, and the d-cushion) and are encrusted with struggle free precious stones (F/G, 2.20 Carats).

For included customization, says Brikk, purchasers can likewise plate the Lux DualShock 4 with platinum, rose gold, dark rhodium, or rainbow titanium. In the mean time, the catches can be made out of various components and can be encrusted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and “numerous different valuable stones.” The controller will take somewhere in the range of three and a month to transport, says Brikk, however it’s indistinct if this additionally incorporates variants that have been tweaked from the default look.

Brikk Lux DualShock 4 Classic PS4 controller costly


These controllers don’t come shabby, however, as costs begin at $8,495 and can go as far as possible up to $13,995. While the normal gamer presumably wouldn’t purchase this, this expensive fringe may suit some big name gamers who truly need to flex their funds. Enabled that Brikk additionally gloats to design every Lux DualShock 4 with “amusement explicit” setups that are interestingly made to demanding determinations,” this may likewise speak to a couple of expert gamers who need a fun method to spend their competition rewards.

The Brikk PS4 controller is a curiosity – it’s presumably too substantial to ever be utilized easily for long terms and there’s no telling how harsh the precious stones feel amid catch squashing sessions. However, all things considered, individuals have utilized far sillier (though far less expensive) controllers when playing diversions. Players have utilized bananas to control Winston in Overwatch, a roll to control Widowmaker, and a move tangle to play Dark Souls. Apparently, these controller arrangements are as strange as one another.


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